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Dead or alive, who inspires you?

On the 13th December, scholars from all over the UK connected once more on a zoom call to share their inspirations and inspirational people, why they inspire and how they do it. And also to network, of course.

There were two breakout rooms. We discussed who has inspired us the most dead or alive and the qualities of inspirational people we identify.

It is truly amazing how all arrived at the same destination despite our differences in motivations and inspirations. There were mentions of Jurgen Klopp, Manager of Liverpool, Jane Austen (that’s my person), Jessica Espinoza, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Heatherwick known for designing the famous London buses and many more people from all fields and backgrounds inspiring many of us from equally different fields and backgrounds.

Some qualities of inspirational people mentioned were: honesty, knowledge of their field (expertise), being humane, resilience, making their work about the people and finally, leaving a legacy that outlives them and that will inspire people.

On how we inspired people, this was a truly beautiful session as my fellow scholars ended up inspiring me with their stories. One thing we all had in common was a shared goal of having an impact on young people through education and our stories. While some give motivational talks, others share their stories and spread knowledge using their social media platforms. 


A key point was the need to empower our target group so that they in turn inspire others. We have scholars inspiring a generation of young lawyers to start a career in arbitration. Some use their  life experiences to help young boys and girls to stay in school. While a differently abled scholar said she inspires persons with disabilities and holds a prison outreach to help people in prison shape their lives for the better.

I shared how I use my best wielded weapon, writing, to communicate with my readers and hopefully serve as an inspiration by sharing my story and journey to achieving higher goals.

Now, over to you, who inspires you? How do you inspire others?

From Hafsat, With Love

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